Our Top Cuts

It’s a rare thing to keep customers satisfied for decades. In the face of changing fashions and changing tastes, long-term success depends on doing a few things very well.

At Moishes, one of the ways we’ve accomplished success is by ensuring that you get the best quality meat every time you order. Because high quality means great taste, again and again.

It all begins with choosing the tastiest cuts.


Moishes Certified Quality Beef New York Strip Loin Steaks

New York Strip Loin SteaksNew York Strip Loin SteaksMeticulously hand selected from the heart of the loin, Moishes N.Y. Strip offers the ultimate in what is known as the classic steak. Extraordinary attention has been paid to the fine marbling that gives this lean cut the explosive flavor and unmatched juiciness that has become its signature. Perfectly aged and perfectly trimmed this cut is bursting with flavor, a steak lover’s delight.


Moishes Certified Quality Beef Rib Steaks

Rib SteaksRib SteaksMoishes built its reputation on this bone-in rib steak, and it’s still the most popular cut served in the restaurant today.

Only a handful of Rib Steaks meet our towering standards for marbling and tenderness, making every bite a luscious experience of robust, buttery flavor and rib texture.


Moishes Certified Quality Beef T-Bone Steaks

T Bone SteaksT Bone SteaksThe best of both worlds, Moishes T-Bone offers the succulent flavour of the N.Y. Striploin and the silky tenderness of the Filet Mignon. Weighing in at a minimum 22 ozs, this is a true carnivore classic.


Moishes Certified Quality Beef Tenderloin Steaks – Filet Mignon

Filet mignonFilet mignonThe most tender of all cuts, the Moishes Filet Mignon will literally melt in your mouth. This is as good as it gets — a hand cut Filet Mignon that can be cut with a fork.


Moishes Certified Quality Lamb Chops

Lamb ChopsLamb ChopsMoishes double cut Lamb Chops are thick and delicious. Grain fed, these chops possess a superior flavour with a large, meaty centre eye. Sweet, mild and naturally tender, Moishes Certified Quality Lamb is simply the finest tasting lamb available.


Moishes Certified Quality Veal Chops

Veal ChopsVeal ChopsQuebec milk-fed veal offers consistently superior quality. The meat’s creamy color, tenderness and delicate taste are highly valued by the most exacting buyers — and that’s what Moishes delivers to you. Our double cut veal chop is a rarity not to be missed.