Moishes named one of “16 Most Important Montreal Restaurants” by Thrillist

August 5, 2015 has just named Moishes one of the “16 Most Important Montreal Restaurants,” putting us in excellent company indeed. They  write: “Montreal has, as we all know, a better food culture than virtually any other large North American city. But there are a few places that are sewn right into this town’s restaurant DNA — and while they may not be the biggest, or best, or syrupiest, they are important, and they’re an integral part of what makes Montreal, Montreal.” We agree!

Describing Moishes, they say:  “A true icon in the city, this restaurant has kick-started its own mass-produced pickle and coleslaw lines. But what’s truly amazing is that in this city of constant restaurant turnover, Moishes has maintained its class, level of execution, and loyal clientele for 75 years.”

We are honoured and thankful.

The story is here.