April 13, 2017

Moishes has just added Beef Stew to its ever-expanding range of retail products. The new stew, ideal for the wet and cold days of early Spring, has been listed in IGA stores across Quebec since the beginning of April. “We’re very excited about what’s been happening for us at retail,” enthuses Moishes’ Lenny Lighter, “our products are doing well in stores, and we’ve got a number of new items in the pipeline. Consumers are demanding better-quality food at home, and we’re delivering.”

Moishes has been developing its beef expertise since 1938. Moishes Beef Stew reflects that expertise. “After being in business for almost 80 years, we’re still fine-tuning how to make food that satisfies time after time,” concludes Lighter, “we think people are really going to enjoy this.”

Moishes Beef Stew can be found in the meat section, along with other Moishes products, at IGA stores across Quebec.